We’re a Minnesota agency with extensive search engine optimization experience across a wide variety of industries. Each company we work with requires a unique approach to SEO based upon who, what and where their target market is. Once these dynamics are identified, we research and identify what keywords and terms people are actually using in the respective industry. With this information in hand, we craft a thoughtful, strategic and effective Minnesota SEO campaign that will yield results.


Below is a general outline of SEO prioritization:

SEO Content Optimization100
Premium Backlinks70
Mobile First Technology80
Security, Site Speed and Domain Age90

Minnesota SEO Campaign Approach

Website Audit

The SEO audit is a comprehensive scan which checks for SEO issues which may be hindering your site performance. This is the list of objectives to cross a line through first, then we move to more advanced components of optimization.

Keyword Research

We research and discover keyword opportunities which are in high demand for your target market specifically to generate conversions. This process alone can provide invaluable business insight.

Content Optimization

There are hundreds of SEO factors but content optimization is imperative. Page title, description and keyword density all have to be in concert for a page to rank. We run analytics and tweak the recipe until it’s perfect.

Backlink Metrics and Acquisition

Backlinks, or other sites which link to your site, are weighed heavily in SEO. We acquire metrics from the competition and go after the strongest ones available based upon available anchor text and domain authority.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyphrase, better known as keyword, tracking is how we’re able to quantify SEO progress. This report includes a list of all targeted keyphrases with their historical and current SERP positions (SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page).

Scheduled SEO Reporting

This monthly reporting considers everything regarding your SEO health and will reflect improvements made in SERP ranking, domain authority, content quality, backlinks, user experience and a great deal more.